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In order to do that, you need a community that helps you become better at your job. The problem is you are swamped and the expectation on you are incredibly high—this makes you feel overwhelmed and overlooked. We believe you shouldn’t have to do ministry alone. We understand because we’ve worked in the church too, which is why we built a community with over 30,000 members that are ready to support and cheer you on.

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Katie allred

Katie grew up in Alabama at a church her family planted in 1818—a year before Alabama became a state. She loves social media, the internet, creating community, and telling a good story. She holds a degree in Computer Information Systems, as well as a master’s in Web Design and Online Communication. Katie is a professor at multiple universities. She founded the Church Communications Facebook Group in 2015.

jason hamrock

Jason guides the vision for how Missional Marketing can best serve our clients and church partners. He leads our coaching team as they serve our clients. He has met with and consulted hundreds of churches all over the country. He was a Communications Director for 11 years at a megachurch named Central Christian Church of Arizona. He speaks at conferences throughout the year and on our podcast. From 1991-1995, he played football on a scholarship with Northern Iowa where he studied communications and marketing. He joined Missional Marketing in 2015 and was named CEO in July, 2017.